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            ABOUT US

            Huanji supply chain is a comprehensive international supply chain management enterprise. Huanji, formerly known as the international freight department of CIMC Yuyao company (state-owned enterprise), was established in 1989 with a registered capital of 50 million. Headquartered in Ningbo, Huanji is a national AAAA-level logistics enterprise, among the top 100 international freight forwarding enterprises in China, the top 50 private freight forwarding enterprises in China, the top 100 service enterprises in Ningbo, and as a Model Enterprise of Integrity in Ningbo.

          • SERVICE

            Our Office mainly engages in sea freight, air freight, land transportation (international railway, road), international trade, import customs clearance, bonded logistics, warehousing and distribution services, imported food trade, etc., and has established stable strategic cooperative relations with more than 20 shipping companies and airlines. Huanji has a strong overseas agent network in Europe, Mediterranean, America, Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and other regions. We are member of many international organizations such as CIFA, FIATA, WIFFA, AON, WCA and other international freight organizations.

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          Airfreight Service

          Due to the understanding of customer needs, we develop better products and provide faster service.



             Huanji Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. is a class A agent approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. (Certificate Number:HD30863).We have signed long-term cooperation agreements with a number of airlines such as AF, KL, CK, CZ, CA, LH, MU, PO, LO, which reflect the advantages of enough spaces and negotiated tariffs.

            We are based in Ningbo and rely on Shanghai. We have offices in Shanghai Pudong Airport. We have a skilled and experienced operation team operating effectively in several major domestic airports such as Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Zhengzhou and Shanghai. We also use the company's overseas supplier network to provide air DAP, DDP and one-stop door-to-door air services.

            Routes covered: Southeast Asia, Middle East, Red Sea, India and Pakistan, Europe, Mediterranean, Black Sea, Africa, Central and South America, North America,Australia and New Zealand, Japan and South Korea, etc

          法國航空.jpg     阿聯(lián)酋航空.jpg     KL荷蘭皇家航空公司.jpg      LH  德國漢莎航空公司.jpg


                                    AF                                                         EK                                                                KL                                                             LH  

          LO 波蘭航空公司.jpg     QR 卡塔爾航空公司.jpg     中國東航.webp.jpg     中國國航.jpg

                                     LO                                                       QR                                                      CHINA EASTERN                                         AIR CHINR

           中國南航.jpg     CI 中華航空公司.jpg     CX  國泰航空.jpg     KE 大韓航空公司.jpg               

                 CHINA SOUTHERN AIRLINES                                      CI                                                            CX                                                             KE         

            KZ 日本貨運航空公司.jpg     MH 馬來(lái)西亞航空公司.jpg     NH  全日空航空公司.jpg    OZ   韓亞航空公司.jpg  

                                        KZ                                                         MH                                                          NH                                                           OZ   

            SQ  新加坡航空公司.jpg     TK  土耳其航空.webp.jpg     UL  斯里蘭卡航空公司.jpg    美國美洲航空  AA.jpg


                                    SQ                                                               TK                                                            UL                                                           AA


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